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first introduced my husband and my husband are ordinary working class, the husband about 7 thousand before tax, my salary is only 3 thousand, in Shenzhen, we really belong to the middle and lower wages. I met my husband and my husband in 08

first introduced my husband and my husband are ordinary working class, the husband about 7 thousand before tax, my salary is only 3 thousand, in Shenzhen, we really belong to the middle and lower wages.

I met my husband and my husband in 08 years, then we were only ordinary friends. I graduated from Shenzhen for 08 years. He then quit Wuhan's work to Shenzhen. At the beginning of 09, he saw that the house price was in the downturn, so he bought a small second-hand house, and the 50 flat in Guan could be changed into a small two house, as long as about 370 thousand when buying. Well, now it's up to about 700000, so I'd like to say to a lot of people that it's not that you don't have money to buy a house, but you should take the scope to determine your goals according to your own ability.

after 09 years of love and marriage, we got married before the new year, and then got pregnant with little treasure. Then we thought the house was too small. After we had a small treasure, we had to buy a big house. At that time, the mother-in-law sold Wuhan for our new house, and then we had a first payment, so we did. Beginning to find out, now the house in Guan do not have to see, even our residential area has risen to about fifteen thousand, so they put their eyes on the outside. My husband thinks because Longgang is running the Universiade over there, so the house should appreciate more space, so we set the scope in Longgang. First, it was found in Buji. At that time, the house on the other side of Qingshui River was very cheap, about eight thousand, but some places were not like it, and there seemed to be a few places. There is a garbage disposal plant, so go on.

10 years 5,6 month to see a set, Dexing garden, but in the 8 floor, but on the floor, my mother-in-law said that the top floor is not good, afraid of water, too light, and the old man without elevator is inconvenient, so I and my husband continued to look for, ha ha, in fact, the old man is looking for, but later never saw Right, by the time of 8,9, the house we saw in Dexing rose from about six hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand. By the end of October, when I was finished with children, the house over there did not pay much attention, but we knew that our neighborhood had risen from 900 thousand to about one million, so the house prices near the gateway were beyond me. The scope of our acceptance.

our speed of making money and the speed of CPI rising is simply the speed of the tortoise and rabbit, you will never catch up, then after the end of the year, I took a little treasure back to my home for a period of time, and then was always concerned. After I returned to Shenzhen in June, my husband said the house over the Longgang central city was also good, at the same time. We looked for a house over there and looked at a set of houses in the garden, but it was on the first floor,红牛配资, the environment was still available, there were kindergartens and primary schools, but the primary school seemed to be private, and the house was not very satisfied, but the other prices could not afford it, and Shenzhen was also at the time. A tax collection policy was introduced, which was implemented in July 10th, so we bought the house before that, about 650 thousand, and 300 thousand. Less than / > >





  我们的赚钱速度和CPI上涨的速度简直就是乌龟和兔子的速度,你永远都赶不上,后来过完年后我带着小宝回了老家住了一段时间,之后也是一直在关注,后来我6月份回深圳之后,老公说龙岗中心城那边的房子也不错,于是我们又在那边找房子,看中了鹏达花园里面一套房子吧,不过就是一楼的,甘肃股票配资 用住房公积金补充养老保险,小区环境还可以吧,里面也有幼儿园和小学,不过小学好像是私立的,当时对那个房子也不是很满意,但是其他的价钱也承受不起,而且当时深圳还出台了个收税的政策吧,7月10号实行,于是我们就赶在那之前把那房给买下来了,大概一共花了65万左右,首付了30万。



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